Hi, I’m Scott Salzman!

For more than two decades, I have been practicing meditation. My practice often takes me on retreats, to the outdoors and to local classes. When I travel, I continue my practice wherever I happen to land. Depending on the location, the available cushions were too big, too small, the wrong shape or not available at all.

My profession as a full-time inventor has spanned almost as much time as my meditation practice. Therefore, designing the best meditation cushion was right up my alley. I designed Air Meditator for a number of reasons. First, so that I could sit on something that met my comfort needs. It was hard for me to find a cushion that allowed me to sit without discomfort in my knees, back. buttocks, and legs. Portability was important to me as well. I needed a cushion that I could travel with and that didn't take up a lot of space and weight in my bags. Voila, Air Meditator was born.

While the cushion I designed worked wonderfully for me, I knew that not everyone would want a cushion exactly like mine. Therefore, the single air chamber was split into three, making it adjustable so that anyone who uses Air Meditator would have personalized comfort. The three chambers also add stability, keeping the air from moving back and forth, when the cushion is not fully inflated.

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